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OSGI component changed to satisfied state


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One of our custom OSGI component went into satisfied state from active state in AEM production publisher instances(3 publishers) which resulted in a broken functionality on production site. We had to manually bring the component back to active state. There was no deployment activities on that particular day, the particular component was active before the issue occurred. Anyone has idea what might be the reason for certain component going into satisfied state from active?


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@srikanthpogula ,

I have not seen any component or bundle turning into satisfied state from active without any external interference meaning machine restart, AEM restart, deployments or some other dependency bundle restarts.

Inspecting the logs from that day can give some more insight of what might have happened.


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Hi @Sudheer_Sundalam , thanks for the inputs, will check with AMS team to see if there was activity done by them and also check the logs to find the root cause.



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