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Not getting AEM in properties of ui.apps and ui.content in Eclipse


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Hi All,

I am facing an issue in Eclipse on AEM project.

I am not getting JCR properties in AEM perspective and also the folder structure of ui.apps and ui.content also not looking great in my eclipse.

On searching in web I came across this thread unable to get jcr properties in eclipse  which will fix my jcr:properties visibility and folder structure issue.

But the problem is I am not getting the AEM in Properties of project (ui.apps and ui.content).

I am on AEM perspective and also AEM server started successfully. My projects facets also proper.

Version of Eclipse: Version: 2018-12 (4.10.0)

Maven :3.6.0

Java: jdk 1.8.0_201

Kindly help me to fix this.

Thanks in Advance.

screenshot 1: folder structure


Screenshot 2: AEM option missing in properties


Screenshot 3: JCR properties


Adding screenshots

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You need to select a node type, so the JCR properties are applicable for that type of objects:



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Hi Berliant,

I am looking for something like the below screenshot (Reference: Set up a local AEM Development Environment ). I followed the reference.

jcr:properties as exactly in AEM.


The change in Component code from eclipse are not publishing to AEM localhost. I turned on the "Automatically publish when resource changes" option in AEM server.



For JCR properties, check "Create Header Component" from 2 - Pages and Templates . It includes some AEM plugin troubleshooting tips.


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From the steps he gave in the link you provided, there is a tab called AEM in the properties of ui.apps (Rightclick ui.apps --> Properties).

I am not getting that AEM tab to map the root directory.

That's where I am struck now.


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Please check which prospective are you in. Navigator or in Project Explorer


AEM Perspective - Node Details

Adding a node (component) via Eclipse

Arun Patidar


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I am opening in AEM perspective only. AEM server also started successfully.

To sync the content root folder I am not getting the AEM option in the properties of the ui.apps and ui.content as below.



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I am getting exact same issue. No AEM menu in Properties, no Import From Server menu too. AEM Perspective is activated normally. Using Eclipse 2023-12 version.