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[AEMasCS] Update user details option not showing in admin console


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My user is having "SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR" access and when i try to update user details in admin console it's not giving an option to edit the user details.


So i tried using the Edit user details by CSV option and the results shows that the record is updated.
But when i check the user details nothing is modified and also old results are still showing when i export user details to csv.

Also Do we have any option to modify Identity Type,Username,Domain,Email in bulk.
Currently if i modify using csv this is creating new user and missing to apply existing user permissions to the new user.

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Thanks @Kamal_Kishor 
This helps to understand what can be updated and what not.

However, This doesn't answer why it couldn't give an option to modify the username which was allowed and also why it couldn't apply the permissions mentioned in csv  when it creates a new user.

In our case we need to update identity type for all users and email,usarname for 100's of users as part of SSO integration. During the field service engagement Adobe told that this is possible via CSV.

Reported this to adobe and they stated that they are working with other teams on this. Let's wait to see the solution from adobe on this.



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Per my understanding with Adobe.

Edit user details option will show in below two cases.

  • User identity type should be Federated ID.
  • The company account should claim the domain by registering in admin console( Should not be trusted domain entity - This will be the case if domain is already registered by Creative or Experience cloud account of your organization as part of SSO integration). 

If your org id is added as trusted entity for the domain. You should reach out to the system admin of org id that has already claimed the domain in their admin console for any user details update. identity type can still be updated by system admin of your org id using CSV option.