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MSM | Actions in Blueprint Control Center


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We are trying to understand how to best use the Blueprint Control Center and are having issues with two of the documented actions:

Restore - "Opens a dialog to restore the live copy page that had been deleted. You can restore either the page only or the page and its sub pages" 
Unfortunately, we can't get this action to not be ghosted out in the context menu when applying to a deleted live copy page. 
We are also unsure how this action differs from "Unskip", which is also defined as restoring previously deleted live copy pages. 

Skip - "Opens a dialog to exclude the live copy page and its sub pages from the rollout process. Skip a page when you add a page to a blueprint and you do not want the page to be included in the live copy" 
Again, we were not able to get this not ghosted out. We can only get a page into the 'skipped' state by deleting it from the content tree and reloading the Blueprint Control Center. 

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. 



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Hi Alex,

i am not sure if you had the same issue which i am facing now.

one of the author reported that while rolling out a page she is  not getting all the live copies meaning 22 live copies out if 60 total.

i furthur investigated in MSM control Centre and found out that except 22 live copies all are in skip state.

i want to know what could be probable reasons that these many live copies went into skiped state.

any help