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\/mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/assets/metadataeditor.html%2Fdam%2F... was not found on this server. Not able to submit asset properties due to error.


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Hello Team,

I'm getting the following error while submitting the asset properties submit/done button. Its happening for all the assets. I verified the logs and did not see any relevant error in the logs.  I'm using AEM 6.1 and SP1.

I am getting this 404 Error on the browser console.



Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

granite.js:229 GET http://qaserver:4502/mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/assets/metadataeditor.html%2Fcontent%2Fdam%2Fgeometrixx%2Ficons%2Foffice-building.png?_=1465282407348 404 (Not Found)XMLHttpRequest.send @ granite.js:229send @ jquery.js:9659jQuery.extend.ajax @ jquery.js:9210createSuccessHandler @ metadataeditor.js:421(anonymous function) @ metadataeditor.js:394fire @ jquery.js:3143self.add @ jquery.js:3189handleResponse @ metadataeditor.js:392(anonymous function) @ metadataeditor.js:358fire @ jquery.js:3143self.add @ jquery.js:3189(anonymous function) @ metadataeditor.js:356jQuery.event.dispatch @ jquery.js:4665elemData.handle @ jquery.js:4333

The requested URL /mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/assets/metadataeditor.html%2Fcontent%2Fdam%2Fgeometrixx%2Fdocuments%2FGeoPyramid_Datasheet.pdf was not found on this server.

/mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/assets/metadataeditor.html%2Fcontent%2Fdam%2Fgeometrixx%2Ficons%2Foffice-building.png was not found on this server.

Any inputs to solve this error will be highly appreciated.


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Were you able to resolve this ? I am having the same issue.

Sorry, forgot to include that information

AEM 6.2, SP1, CFP9


Level 3

If you use a dispatcher, then this is an obvious issue with 6.2 [0]. The url has %2f which has to be allowed in the apache level by turning on AllowEncodedSlashes On or can use AllowEncodedSlashes with NoDecode, see [1]else this will result in 404. Restart apache services and this would not result in 404.

[0]URLs with encoded slashes do not work in AEM

[1]core - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4



It looks like 404 response so either the asset doesnt exists or there are overlays under/apps for /dam/gui/content which is causing it or an ACL issue