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[Q&A | January 2018] Ask the AEM Community Expert: Using Multi-site Management with AEM



Hi Community

Please find below the Questions asked in Ask the AEM Community Experts for Jan on MSM.

1. M Rashid Raza: Is there any other way to sync content of 2 pages without using liveCopy option?

* Christian Keller(privately): I just can think of Launches

2. Doug Beatty: Is there an OOTB foundation for Right-to-Left langauges in AEM?

* Christian Keller(privately): This should mainly be a matter of proper css and http headers.

  But as it is not a MSM centric questions I am sorry and cant be more specific

3. Doug Beatty: How can we use this structure to present the proper locale meta data and rel alternate links for multi- or tri-lingual sites?

* Ankit Agarwal: Sorry to say again this is not msm specific again. This is related to language copies

* Ankit Agarwal: language master actually helps you with this kind of structure though as mentioned by Mathias in the Slides

4. Doug Beatty: @Christian, yes that is important, but a proper foundation is required for templates and components. I want to know if AEM has that built in or if I need to you another foundation.

* Christian Keller(privately): I am sorry I can'r answer your question. As you may guess from my last answer, I don't have a good overview there.

  All I can say, there is no technical restriction

5. Ann Chapman: MSM operates down to the component level.  Is it possible to extend this down to the property level?

* Christian Keller: It is not fully supported.

  Rollout would work, but the MSM internal data is not prepared for theat granularity

  In the JCR world the smallest aggregate is the Node.

  In addition to that we consider to manage and revise the Status of your inheritance on this level

6. Vuong Ho: can livecopy copy the structure also? if I move a page in source, will the page in the target move too?

* Ankit Agarwal: move is supported in the liverelationship but you need to have pagemove rolloutconfig before default config

7. Vuong Ho: is pagemove rolloutconfig out of the box?

* Ankit Agarwal: no but it can be created easily with PageMoveAction which is publicly available

8. Veena: What are the best practices to be followed while using MSM ?

* Krishna Selvaraj: Hey Veena, you could check out some of the best practices here for AEM .3 - https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/sites/administering/using/msm-best-practices.html

9. Girish: If I have req where 2 countries with english as content then should be the setup like Master ( blueprint ) & 2 live copies 1 for US & 1 for Canada

* Christian Keller: Yes, or even a level below if you have multiple languages per country

You can see on the We-Retail sample

/us/ en -> livecopy from master/en

/us/es -> livecopy from /master/es

10. Doug Beatty: @Christian agreed. If AEM is designed to be multi site/language compatible, why is r-to-l languages difficult to implement? My expectation is that should be supported OOTB.

* Christian Keller(privately): Sorry you got me wrong.

A told you it should be  a matter of css which can be managed by the components.

Same as you can set the font-face.

But I refrain from giving an official statment.

As i lack the details of the implementation

11. Brian: Is it possible to extend the Live Copy Overview to view the entire tree without having to drill into the tree?

* Ankit Agarwal: as if now no, but it will be large overview console anyway to understand

12. Raf Winterpacht (Isobar): From a performance perspective, what are known thresholds with number of live copies? Or does it depend on number of nodes in the source?

* Christian Keller: It is mainly the number of Nodes to roll-out.

Up tp 6.3 there is a slow down with a larget number of Live Copies.

This is addressed for the next release

13. Brian 2: Is PageMove part of the default rollout config?

* Ankit Agarwal: no but it can be created easily with PageMoveAction which is publicly available

* Krishna Selvaraj: Moving pages within BP doesn't roll out the changes ( move) to live copies. The reason for this behavior is that a page move implicitly includes a page delete. This could potentionally lead to unexpected behavior on publish, as deleting pages on author automatically deactivates corresponding content on publish.  Hence to create a fully move page I would recommedn using a custom roll out config

14. Jayaprakash: Dow we any  developer guide for AEM 6.2  or 6.3 for basic learning

* kautuk sahni: Here you go https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/sites/administering/using/msm.html

15. Shubha Kirani: can we get this recording ? its really useful for my business to listen in.

* kautuk sahni: Yes. Please keep an eye on https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kt/eseminars/ask-the-expert/atace-index.html

16. Thomas: Is there a Touch UI equivalent for Blueprint Control Centre?

* kautuk sahni(privately): Live Copy Overview is a Touch UI interface used for managing live copies and their respective blueprints. This feature, introduced in AEM 6.3, replaces the Classic UI Blueprint Control Center.

* kautuk sahni(privately): Link:- https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kt/sites/using/multi-site-manager-feature-video-use.html

17. Adam D'Alessandro: Can permissions be applied to govern regional sites to limit what sections can be managed locally vs Global brand/governance/oversight.

* Christian Keller: Yes

The roll-out is performed with the users session. Keep in mind, that  a read-permission must be granted on the master to roll-out

* Krishna Selvaraj: AEM Stores the relationship under cq:LiveConfig node

18. Brian 2: We use the OOTB 'Standard Rollout Config' with the 'Push on Modify' config.  Is it ok (supported) to have two configs used at the same time?

* Ankit Agarwal: answer will be covered in the coming questions

* Ankit Agarwal: this will increased concurrent modifications

* Ankit Agarwal: But yes it is supported , just make sure to configs are as per there order so that no unexpected actions happens

19. Charlie Shafton: Where and how does AEM store which nodes need to be updated by MSM, and when? Where are rollout configurations stored?

* Krishna Selvaraj: AEM stores the relationship between BP and Livecopy under the cq:LiveConfig . node

* Krishna Selvaraj: under the live copy node.

* Ankit Agarwal: till 6.3 rolloutconfigs are stored below /etc/msm/rolloutconfigs

20. Charlie Shafton: Can we trigger a workflow on Pagemoveaction in blueprint ? If yes, can we use livecopy cq:moretarget value to move live copy page to new location as per global page (its blueprint) via that workflow?

* Ankit Agarwal: You can create workflow in any action you want. But moving live copies to new location as per cq:MoveTarget is not a good idea as we do not have a public API for that.

21. Charlie Shafton: When I am rolling out a blueprint, I can see that multiple nodes are created within my Live Copy with the sling:resourceType as wcm/msm/components/ghost. Can anyone please explain when and why are they being created?

* Krishna Selvaraj: wcm/msm/components/ghost component is actually a place holder for a deleted component within your live copy. Even though the component is deleted from a page, ghost component (placeholder) provides the capability to re-engage inheritance from your blueprint. Once your re-engage the inheritance and the content is being inherited the sling:resourceType :wcm/msm/components/ghost disappears.

22. Charlie Shafton: Does an equivalent to Classic UI ExtJS property fieldEditLockMode, to cancel inheritance of individual component properties, exist in the new UI?

* Ankit Agarwal: i guess what here is asked answer to that is cq-msm-lockable property

23. Charlie Shafton: How do I create “templated live copies” from a Blueprint, without being forced into AEM’s convention of what level in the hierarchy is deep and what not? This seems hardcoded in AEM, and it does not always apply in reality.

* Ankit Agarwal: you can create via create live copy wizard. deep will cause new pages created in blueprint will reflect in new live copies. if that is ok , yes is_deep can be used. (here https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-2/sites/administering/using/msm-livecopy.html#Changing%...)

24. Sagar: In touch UI can we can break inhertiance in field level without having to break the iheritance of the component like in classic ui?

* Christian Keller: the property is called  cq-msm-lockable

25. Vuong Ho: are you going to send this recording?

* kautuk sahni: Please keep an eye on https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kt/eseminars/ask-the-expert/atace-index.html

* Charlie Shafton: it will be posted in the helpX community and also to the meetup group under discussions

26. Andrew J: If we have custom blueprints under /etc in 6.2, will we need to do something special when upgrading to 6.4?

* Christian Keller: No they will be still picked up in 6.4. But at some point in time a new feature may require them to be moved

Recording of the session:- http://bit.ly/ATACE118

Thanks and Regards

Kautuk Sahni

Kautuk Sahni
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Hi, I'm trying to find someone that can help with a question which relates to question 22) here. It's about the property "fieldEditLockMode"

I would appreciate if someone could help to answer this question here:

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