Missing property sling:resourceType drag&drop widget



Hi all,

I hope the someone can I helpme.

I'm using AEM 6.1 SP2 CFP18.

I'm having a problema when I drag&drop any widget in page as there isn't property sling:resourceType.


I dont' have error in log file, I have only  this error in console of Chrome.

http://localhost:4502/content/xxxxxxx/it/homepage/jcr:content/par/13_1564227992999..html 404 (Not Found)

(anonymous) @ VM19882:1

XMLHttpRequest.send @ granite.js:233

get @ widgets.js:90384

CQ.wcm.EditBase.refreshCreated @ widgets.js:149685

CQ.wcm.EditBase.createParagraph @ widgets.js:149400

(anonymous) @ widgets.js:165561

setTimeout (async)

notifyDropDT @ widgets.js:165560

notifyDrop @ widgets.js:149028

onDragDrop @ widgets.js:24940

IDDM_handleMouseUp @ widgets.js:158573

h @ widgets.js:11731

How can  I resolve this problem?

If I insert this property manually of the CRXde it working all.

Thank all.