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Migrating to s3 datastore


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Hello all,

I'm currently working on migrating a stack over to using the s3 datastore. I downloaded the oak source and compiled it to get oak-upgrade-1.20-SNAPSHOT.jar.

When I run it following the directions here:

AEM 6 - Migrating to a FileDataStore | Content Management

I get the following error:

I also get the same error when I restructure my command to match the format listed in --help.

What am I missing?

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Can you share the final command you used for migration?


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java -jar oak-upgrade*.jar upgrade –-mmap –-copy-binaries –-src-datastore=/absolute-path/cq5/author/crx-quickstart/repository/segmentstore –-datastore=/absolute-path/cq5/author/crx-quickstart/repository/repository/datastore /absolute-path/cq5/author/crx-quickstart/repository /absolute-path/cq5/author/crx-quickstart/repository_new

I have also tried without the "upgrade", with single dashes, and with different orderings of the additional parameters either before the options or after.