Mass Font Change in Adaptive, Dynamic PDF



Hi there,

Is there a way to change the font for ALL text with one or two clicks?

New to AEM Forms, not sure how to tell if this pre-existing form I'm editing has a .CSS  or if there's a way to set the default font?


  • Change Myriad Bold 12 to Arial Bold 11 for all items
  • Change Myriad Regular 9 to Arial Regular 8 for all items

Otherwise, I have to go to hundreds of fields and change manually like its the Year of our Lord 1659...

Alternately, is it possible to create a .CSS for a form?

While you good people give me some ideas, My next step is to delete Myriad from my Fonts, reopen the document and see if it offers a substitution...






Thanks @

I am able to change the fonts in the established form, but I have to select each and every field with text to do so. I Was looking for a mass change option.

Thanks for the link to the Style information. The Apply a theme to your adaptive form instructions seem to imply that I can apply a custom  style to an existing form. I'll report the outcome once I try it!