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DAY 3  Learn about the author collaboration tools

Become a skilled author with a deep dive into AEM’s Sites and Media library administration UI with tips and tricks to increase your day-to-day efficiency

This is Q&A a thread for this session.

1. This can only be done if the emails are identical (using the same Wireframe) or can it be done if they are from 2 different wireframes?

2. How do launches works in case of multilingual site?

3. What does the copy option do compared to move?

Answer - Copy make a copy of a node (page) while move will move it from location A to location B.

4. The activation WFs do not exist on the Publish instances, right?

Answer - correct - they only work from Author to Publish

5. Is there a versioning process that is not manual? does the system auto save a version of a page for you ?

Answer - when you make changes and publish a version is created. For more information, see: https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/sites/classic-ui-authoring/using/classic-page-author-...

6. AEM does auto version.

Answer - For version info - https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/sites/classic-ui-authoring/using/classic-page-author-...

7.Can you schedule publishing of different versions of a page?

Answer - You can write workflows to do a range of different possibilities with respect to Publishing

8. If an author forgets they have locked a page, can AEM auto notify /remind them?

Answer -  OOTB - no - but a developer can write a service that can perform this task,

9. What is best practice on a large team for versioning? Should we save a version with notes for every step? Or just after a pile of changes? In large organizations how granular do you find works best on teams?

Answer -  : that all depends on various factors. I recommend posting that to the AEM Forums

10.  Viorela Precupas: Can we get also a notification in our mailbox that a new page is pending for approval?

Answer: YES

11. When multiple approvers are involved, does the feedback (or approvals) are combined for review before making changes?

Answer: All depends on how the WF is built

12. How can we disable the page authoring change for the time being it's under workflow publishing?

Answer:  You can build a workflow to lock a given page as required

13. Prakash Raj: so locking and unlocking workflow process has to be custom?

Answer: You can build that into a wf