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Maps (with GUID names) Fail to Publish


Level 5

Up until last week, my maps with GUID names had been publishing to PDF just fine.


As of this week, all maps with GUID names fail. The only way to get the map to generate an output is to recreate the map in AEM Guides, then copy all content. Doing this creates a map with a name in the Name field, instead of a GUID.


Name of failing map: GUID-53C76626-0C07-4606-8939-4F6E47206882.ditamap

Name of map that generates a PDF: Configuring-the-DXM-for-EitherNetIP.ditamap

Both maps have the same exact content.


AEM Guides (UUID) v4.0.2.10 (upgraded on 31-May-2022)
AEM 6.5.11
FMPS -- 2020.2

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Level 6

Which PDF engine is used for publishing? Please share a sample map to alakshminara@adobe.com

FMPS 2020.2 is what we are using to generate PDFs.


However, at this time, no map is generating a PDF using FMPS, whether it has a GUID name or word-based name. 

And I did end up having to submit a technical support ticket, so I'm hoping this gets resolved as soon as possible since this is on our Production server and has stopped work now for two weeks.