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How to transform Create React App to clientlib


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Hello can I please ask for some quidelines how to transform CRA (create-react-app) into one standalone clientlib for one ( NON AEM SPA) custom componenent ? This component will exist with standard AEM components on the page.
Fully static aem page with header, herobanner, footer - build using standard aem components but I want to have one part of body of this page to be dynamic react app with some external api calls

I created a react app that I want to transform to an aem component that will recive some json data from Model


<div id="myComponent" data-props="{image: SomeAemModel.imageSrc, heading: SomeAemModel.heading}"></div>



I checked some of the libs that could help like `react-habitat` and `aem-clientlib-generator` but I am not quite sure how to connect dots here. Cheers

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Hi @aemreacthell,

Since you already check the "aem-clientlib-generator", I believe this article may help you.




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Thank you for the response but my case I am afraid that my case is slightly different, my project is build on some older archetype i dont have such folder structure like in given examples