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How to publish workflow to publish instance ?


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I have created new workflow in author instance. It is working as per my expectations at author environment. 

Now I need to push this to publish instance.

What are the steps I need to follow?


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We normally have the workflows as part of the code so that they can be deployed to all the environments. If it's a one time thing, you can package the workflow from the author and deploy it to publish or just build and replicate the package to publish. If you are on AEM 6.4, workflows are stored in /conf and /var. Prior to 6.4, they were in /etc.


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How do you reliably deploy workflows from code? I have put workflow model data in both places /conf/global/settings/workflow/models and /var/workflow/models. I deploy these to the target system(s) but I find these odd things sometimes:

  • New workflows don't show up in the Touch UI until I open them in Classic UI and save them.
  • If I update the workflow in code and then deploy, It runs the old workflow steps even though I see the new steps in both classic and touch UI editors. The old steps are run until I manually click save from Classic UI or click Sync from Touch UI editor.

What is the recommended process for deploying new or updated workflows?

Should the jcr:isCheckedOut="{Boolean}false" be in the XML file that I deploy /var/workflow/models/my-model-workflow/.content.xml ?

Do we need to add a "compile" step to our deployment process, to make the updated workflow models usable?

I feel like I must be doing something wrong here, but I can find no documentation on how to deploy workflow models from codebase.


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What is the reason that you need to deploy workflows to publish instances? Not any pages or assets, but the workflow (models)? What is the reason that you need to run workflows there?

(It is very unusual.)



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Hi Jörg,

No idea about why the original poster needs workflows on publish instance.

I was tacking my question on here in response to rmahendra's statement "We normally have the workflows as part of the code".

Maybe I should open a new discussion?



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Hi Harold,

There's no specific deployment process for workflow. It works same with as normal deployment process. Add it as part of code base. Make sure filters are set correctly and both /conf & /var part is included.

I've used the same and didn't face any issue.