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How to integrate login with Analytics in Adobe 6.0


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Hi all,

I have done a login process in AEM 6.0. Now, I would like to integrate it with Analytics, so when the user is logged in I can check in Analytics the information related to it (name, age, gender...)

I was checking geometrixx example and I saw this:

CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr.loadProfile(u); //where u is the user

I was trying to do something similar in my code but it's not working. I'm getting CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr as null, so I guess this is the problem and "loadProfile" is not being called.

I'm new on this so I'm not sure how this CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr is initialized. I've checked in geometrixx but I wasn't able to find it.

Any idea how and where the CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr should be initialized so I can use it in my code?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Best regards.

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Did you read something online that suggested this was the way to proceed with this use case. If so - can you point to that document. 


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no, I didn't see any documentation. We have tested with geometrixx code and we can see information in analytics related to the user. When we try with our code it's not working so I was checking the geometrixx code to see the difference. I saw in geometrixx code:

CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr.loadProfile(u); //where u is the user

Checking the link https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/cq/5-6/widgets-api/index.html?class=CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr, it's said that loadProfile method is used to "Loads a profile based on the authoriable id of the user", so my understanding was that this is what I need to use to load the profile in analytics and see the user there as it happens in geometrixx.

The problem is that when I try to do that, CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr is null and the user is not loaded. As I mentioned before I'm new on this so I'm not sure how CQ_Analytics.ProfileDataMgr is instanced and why it's working in geometrixx but not in my code.

Any idea?


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You mean Adobe Analytics?

In AEM 6.0, Adobe Analytics was still referred to as Adobe SiteCatalyst.

See the 6.0 documentation Integrating with Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Notice that the main prerequisite is a SiteCatalyst (Analytics) Account.

- JK

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