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how to implement sitemap with custom attributes?


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I am trying to customise the AEM's OOTB sitemap by creating new service by extending the ResourceTreeSiteMapGenerator. I followed this blog. But whenever i am trying to access the lcalhost:4802/content/we-retail/us.sitemap.xml It is giving error.


I checked logs also but no log is getting generated for my extended MySitemapGenerator.java file. I tried creating separate log for core but there also it showing this only

26.08.2022 13:49:11.354 *INFO* [Background Update com.mysite.assets.aem.my-site-bundle (647)] com.mysite.assets.aem.my-site-bundle Service [com.ringcentral.www.aem.support.service.impl.MySitemapGenerator,8986, [org.apache.sling.sitemap.spi.generator.SitemapGenerator]] ServiceEvent REGISTERED


Anyone knows how we can implement sitemap in AEM so that we can able to add custom attributes?




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Hi @arunpatidar ,


I tried both and it is same. But those are also not working 



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Can you check if you have sitemap at /var/sitemaps

check if you are trying to generate on demand



Arun Patidar