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how to download logs via api - which day do you get?


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This link:



Has a section on downloading logs via api:


$ aio cloudmanager:download-logs --programId 5 1884 author aemerror


However, it does not say which of the many days logs will be downloaded. is it


1. todays partial logs

2. yesterdays log?

3. a random days log?


If its yesterdays log, which timezone is used for calculating end of day?


What is the difference between aemrequest and aemaccess?  http access logs usually contain http requests.


Any info appreciated.

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Hi @TB3dock ,

1. There is additional argument with the command called DAYS at the end which is 1 day default. 

aio cloudmanager:environment:download-logs ENVIRONMENTID SERVICE NAME [DAYS]
  • Downloads log files for the specified environment, service and log name for one or more days.

Please refer the below usage, for more details please refer [0].

  $ aio cloudmanager:environment:download-logs ENVIRONMENTID SERVICE NAME [DAYS]

  ENVIRONMENTID  the environment id
  SERVICE        the service
  NAME           the log name
  DAYS           [default: 1] the number of days

2. It follows the same time zone where your AEM cloud is currently hosted.

3.  aemrequest

  • This log file contains each request together with response related to AEM instance. By this log file we can easily monitor the performance of AEM instance.

    Each request contains the following information:

    • Resource Path (/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en.html)
    • Protocol (HTTP/1.1 or HTTPS)


  • This log file is almost similar to request.log. It helps us to know the following things:

    • Who is accessing
    • Which resource is being accessed
    • At what time resource is being accessed

    The requests in aemaccess log is exactly half of aemrequest log because the aemaccess log defines all the request and response in just one line.

[0]: https://github.com/adobe/aio-cli-plugin-cloudmanager#aio-cloudmanagerenvironmentdownload-logs-enviro...

Hope that helps!



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Hi, thanks for the helpful reply.  The days parameter doesnt really help us though, as specifying 1 or 2 days doesnt tell us which day or days are being downloaded.  If we specify 1, do we get todays (half complete) log, or yesterdays complete log?


We need a reliable way to download each days complete logs so we can put them into search tool to see where we are being hit from etc.  Currrently, we cant find any api to do this, as we cant specify a specific date, and we dont know when the days change, and we dont know how to just pull "yesterdays" or when yesterday finished (in which time zone and time).


Any ideas appreciated.


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@TB3dock Unfortunately, I even couldn't found any documentation regarding date wise logs through API here: https://github.com/adobe/aio-cli-plugin-cloudmanager 

The only way can see is to download via developer console with some limitations.

Note: there is a current issue with both the Adobe IO CLI as well as Cloud Manager’s log downloads, that large stack traces will currently be truncated, a limitation coming from the internal Splunk integration that the AEM as a Cloud Service infra uses on the back end to aggregate the logs. (The Adobe team uses Splunk themselves at this stage, but the capability hasn’t been added to turn this over to end users).



@TB3dock Did you find the suggestions from Santosh helpful? Please let us know if more information is required. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.

Kautuk Sahni


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Hi Kautuk, no the info from santosh regarding the "number of days" parameter is not relevant to this question, and we still have not found a way to automate the download of log files, which is critical to our operation including identification of attacks.