How to activate a particular child nodes from the workflow?



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I want to activate only the modified node in my AEM project. Node structure is:

Parent Node

  • Child Node 1
    1. Child Node 4
      • Child Node 5
  • Child Node 2
  • Child Node 3
Requirement is:

For Example I can activate Child Node 5 but not Child Node 2 from the Parent Node.

Content authors should have a flexibility to only activate particular nodes they wish to push the content.

Right now we have workflows to select the pages and dam assets.  But not the nodes under the parent. Looking to know if we can add child nodes as well as the part of workflow activation?

Any Idea how to add the required child nodes to the workflow process.



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Accepted Solutions (1)





The authoring UI does not allow you to replicate/activate smaller entities than pages/assets, but the API supports it.

I wouldn't give authors the chance to activate only certain components of a page, because a page has only 1 cq:lastReplicated property; and do you want to update this property for the complete page if you just replicated a component?

Also you would have to implement the complete UI plus the logic yourself.

Unless you have a very compelling reason to do it, I would not recommend such an implementation.


Answers (3)

Answers (3)