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Getting "Cannot be resolved to a type" error on java files


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I'm upgrading to aem6.4 and r7 annotations in project.  We are getting below common error on difference java files on different applications.

the bold lines are the common error that we are getting in different files across difference applications.  The line no. 39 has below line only,

Page page = currentPage;

In every application wherever we use currentPage object it throws a error "cannot be resolved to a type".

Below is the java file where i'm facing error,

Environment : AEM 6.4.4

Any suggestion on this would be more helpful.



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Add the package containing your java class to the bundle plugin configuration in the pom file.

Apache Felix - Apache Felix Maven Bundle Plugin (BND)


















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Hi guys i am facing below error pls help me 




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You are importing the wrong package. 


One of your Java Classes is likely importing ...

import jdk.internal.loader.Resource

... instead, import

import org.apache.sling.api.resource.Resource;