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Error applying a security policy on Acrobat Pro 2020 form


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I am getting a error every time I apply a security policy on my documents in Adobe Pro 2020

this generic error does not point to where this error is coming from and cannot find any info how to correct this.


This is a brand new install of AEM forms 6.5 on prem.






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I don't see any issue with the security policy in the screenshot, and I hope you have the required permissions[0].

Is it happening with all the users/groups with permission set[0] for this policy? Also, is it specific to any set of documents or specific policies?

Please raise a support ticket to discuss this issue over a call.


[0] - https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/setting-security-policies-pdfs.html 


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I am logged in as a administrator for this test and I have not tried it with another role.

I have now created a ticket for this issue