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Does "Request for activation" workflow activate child pages? (AEM Cloud)


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I am trying to activate a page with child pages using "Manage Publication" button as a user who doesn't have permissions to replicate the page.

In "Manage Publication" wizard, I selected "Include Children" and cleared all the filters. Then, as another user, I approved the activation, and the workflow finished successfully.

I checked the results and found out that the child pages have not been published, only the page that I selected when starting "Manage Publication".


Is it normal behavior or I should fix something like permissions or accidental changes?

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You are talking about two thing 1. Manage Publication Widget 2. Request for Activation Workflow


With the manage publication widget you can perform two actions: "publish" or "unpublish" with or without including child pages. Note that you can not save the configuration of including/filtering child pages for passing it as a payload to any other workflow (such as Request for Activation)

On the other hand Request for Activation is an independent publication activity on a specific page. Regardless to the widget you choose, the user must have the replication permission to be able activate the content.


You can achieve the targeted business by creating two different user groups for example: "author" (with no replication permission) and "approver" (with replication permission). Then you can use the "Request to Activate" or any custom workflow to manage content activation via single and multiple multiple approvers. 





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Hi @A_H_M_Imrul ,

I am talking about the situation when the user does not have permissions to replicate the pages. In this case, "Manage Publication" widget launches "Request for Activation" workflow, that is how the two things are connected, at least according to the logs.

I noticed that in the scenario when "Manage Publication" widget launches "Request for Activation" workflow, the activation is requested only for the parent page, even if "Include Child Pages" is selected with the filters cleared.


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sorry If I misunderstood you earlier, however in general scenario, all the pages (including child) should have been published, if not then there is something wrong (probably with permission)

I tried to reproduce the scenario with WeRetail, with couple of test users (with no replication permission). The Request for Activation workflow gets triggered and other user can complete the activation with all the pages (including child). You can also try to troubleshoot by comparing your setup with the following configuration

- user 1: test-author (everyone, Authors, Screens We-Retail Administrators)

- user 2: test-author1 (everyone, Authors, Screens We-Retail Administrators)

Reference on Content Publication using manage publication: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/sites/authoring/fun...

Please let me know you findings.


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Hello @Dmytro_Panchenk 


Including children while publishing parent should publish entire sub-tree

Example: following setting



published following tree



If there was a permission issue, you should have received an error while publishing.

Requesting you to please check the publishing logs. Does it mention parent and child pages like this:

2023/09/30 12:13:17:913 - INFO - Successfully applied package with id dstrpck-1696075984833-5d044b34-1879-4422-bc6b-d250576b5326, type ADD, paths [/content/wknd/language-masters/en/errors, /content/wknd/language-masters/en/errors/404, /content/wknd/language-masters/en/errors/500, /content/wknd/language-masters/en/errors/sign-in]


Publishing logs can be accessed from: Tools > Distribution > publish 

- Wait for the queue to clear.

- Go to logs tab, check for log message appearing at the end.

Aanchal Sikka


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Hi @aanchal-sikka ,


I am talking about the situation when the user does not have permissions to publish the pages but can request publication by clicking "Manage Publication", choosing to include the children, and clicking "Request publication". In that case, when an administrator approves the workflow, the children are not published. There is nothing suspicious in the logs, neither at the moment of the request nor at the moment of the publication.





@Dmytro_Panchenk  Did you find the suggestions from users helpful? Please let us know if more information is required. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.

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