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Component rendering twice in Publish Mode [SPA/REACT]


Level 4

AEM React Spa components are rendering twice in publish Mode.


In Author Mode:



In Publish Mode:


Why the content is rendering twice and How to fix this issue?


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Hi @milind_bachani ,


Thanks for the response,


We are not using React.StrictMode in our index.js.


Could you please let me know how can I snub the calls from en.model.json.


Employee Advisor

Hi @Leela-Pavan-Kumar - are you still facing the issue ?

If yes, you need to check couple of things before making changes to the model.json:
1. The publisher CRX-de does not show 2 component in your /content path
2. Please post the en.model.json response from network tab here.?
3. Try to align the component with tutorial link shared above.

We can investigate further based on the above mentioned checks.



Level 2

@Leela-Pavan-Kumar were you able to resolve this? can you let me know what was done? we are also facing similar issue. feel its issue with templates.


Level 4

Yes, It's with SPA behaviour.

Make sure that current page URL model json is being called only if it not part of en model json. This is happening when there are two matched :path properties with the current page( one is already in en.model.json and one more call is happening to fetch the items).