Default Sling Script Error



Hi everyone,

I am doing an update for a component in which I need to add a new class in the backend. On adding the class and making the required updates in the pom.xml files I am still getting the following error : Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: No use provider could resolve identifier

I also tried changing the name of the class and adding the packages in the pom. I even tried changing the artifactid from uppercase to lowercase however the error still persists : Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: Compilation errors in org/apache/sling/scripting/sightly/apps/DeviceSupportPage/components/content/helloworld/

Line 28, column 1289 : Only a type can be imported. resolves to a package

Line 55, column 2410 : Democlass cannot be resolved to a type

Can anyone please guide me on this as to why such an error comes on drag and drop of the component?

Thanks and Regards,

Bernadine Soman

smacdonald2008Feike Visser






this error 'No use provider could resolve identifier' normally means:

- class can't be found

- bundle is not active




AGree with Feike - make sure you are referencing the correct fully qualified class name in the HTL code and the bundle that contains this class is in ACTIVE State.