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Default metadata properties not getting set on uploading a new asset


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Hi All

I am facing an issue that the default metadata properties such as "cq:name" and "dam:baseVersion" are not getting set automatically on uploading a new asset.

Earlier this was working fine but now have stopped working. I am not sure what customization have lead to this.

Can someone please suggest what drives these values to the DAM?

I believed that some step in the DAM Update Asset Workflow drives this but now I am not sure on this part.

Thanks in Advance.


Akshat Jain

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Did you apply a custom metadata schema or did you edit DAM update workflow?

What error if any do you see in an error.log?


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Hi berliant​,

We have implemented a custom metadata schema also and customized the workflow as well.

There is no such log in the error.log related to this.

Can you suggest what drives these fields?




cq:name (the asset node name) property is only available when the "Title" metadata field is set. Go to properties of any asset and enter any title in the metadata. Refresh the asset in crxde and you will see that the cq:name becomes the node name of the asset and the title becomes the dc:title.


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Hey Vish.dhaliwal

Thanks for your answer.

However we have already known this part.

The issue is that these properties are not populating even after filling the dc:title.

My understanding is some customization might have overridden this function, but to debug this we need to know what drives this action of populating cq:name on filling dc:title.

I have tried with the workflows but could not find any launcher for this.

Please suggest if you have any idea on this.



Did you try with OOTB asset update workflow?

launcher for which workflow?