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Customize projects search in aem 6.4


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Hi all,

I am working on customizing the projects console for a requirement in aem 6.4.

When I overlay /libs/cq/core/content/projects/jcr:content to the corresponding apps path and change the property "omnisearchLocationPath", I see that the updated value is not getting picked up.

The value under libs for that property is /libs/granite/omnisearch/content/metadata/project and this is the value that gets read by the omniture service for projects.

Updates I make on the child nodes of jcr:content under apps are getting reflected though.

I had no choice but to make changes to /libs/cq/core/content/projects/jcr:content node directly to get this working for now.

Please let me know how to make changes to jcr:content get reflected so that I can be sure that this does not get overridden by future upgrades.

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Hi Sarnya,

Please be super careful doing so. Overwriting OOTB projects package can lead to unknown behaviour later(after upgrade or service pack installation).

Why to overlay OOTB projects console?

Wouldn't it be better to create another one which would not be over riding any of the OOTB functionality and configure it's location via: Selecting your UI?




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I did try to overlay. But it is not working so I had no choice but to change under /libs path itself.

I am asking how to make this work with overlay as future upgrades might remove my change.