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Content Fragment Language Copy Update


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Content Fragment structure: /content/dam/<lang>/content-fragments/locations/.....

We author the english Content Fragment first and pass through translation services.

There are few languages where we do not need to pass through translation service. We just want to update with the english content.

We have 9 languages, for some of the languages we do not want to pass through translation service. Is it possible to update the language copies w/o passing it though translation service and copy it as it is?



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Yes, it is possible to update the language copies of Content Fragments without passing them through a translation service. You can directly copy the English content to the desired language copies within AEM without involving the translation service.


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@ManviSharma : We tried copying the content fragment to other languages, But it creates a duplicate entry. Also Deleting the content fragments from other languages sends a delete request to Publish servers and we would risk content fragment disappearing from publish servers temporarily.


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Can you please share a screenshot/details about what you mean by duplicate entry?

Also, when you delete the CF, is it deleting only for that language or affecting other languages as well on publisher?


Another option:

Many translation provides allow an option to bypass translation and send the content back as it is.

This standard way might help the authors to use the same functionality without keeping a manual track. 

If possible, please cross-check with translation provider

Aanchal Sikka


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@aanchal-sikka when you delete the CF, is it deleting only for that language. It doesnt delete the cf for other language copies on publish


Regarding option2, We have already checked with the translation provider and they do not have a way to bypass translation.


Is there a wf in AEM which updates just the language copies and not send it to translation provider?


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@punithshetty123 Are you using any plugin to do the traslation ? 


If not you can write a custom rollout where you can put the exclude pattern and copy only english content and do the rollout.