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Console to verify status of sling schedulers


Level 3

Is there a console in OOTB or ACS to look at the status of sling schedulers like listing the job details with schedule, last run-time.

We are having many jobs in production and want to know the details.

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Level 7


Have you already checked if you can find all your scheduler from the OSGi Console?


Let us know.




Level 3

Thanks for the reply. This gives some data. But some how I am only able to see for past 1 days here.

Looking for a better UI where I can filter past run-time data, scheduler expressions and next fire time.


Level 10

I'm not aware of any OOB solutions like that. Below are the possible custom solutions:

Option #1:

Create a custom logger and dump your specific events/details in logs on the following package or your custom code package. You may apply filter for your specific events/topics.


Scrape logs and integrate it with a tool of your choice like Splunk etc.


Use MBeans and create your own custom dashboard or Integrate it with HealthCheck/Operations dashboard [1]

Check Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating Adobe Experience Manager Sling Servlets that invoke MBean o...

http://localhost:4502/system/console/jmx > Possibly commons.scheduler.running.jobs or slingCommonsSchedulerHealthCheck or slingJobs or oak   (you could raise a ticket and get the exact name)


Raise a ticket and find out if there is any flag available to generate logs for specific time range for /system/console/status-slingscheduler

[1] Operations Dashboard