Clarification on the AEM Author Installation Status



I have installed AEM 6.5 Author in an RHEL 7 instance and it has started successfully. However, when I run the ./status script, it provides the below output:


09.04.2020 08:10:38.450 *INFO * [main] Setting sling.home=. (command line)
09.04.2020 08:10:38.458 *INFO * [main] Sent 'status' to / OK


Can you please help me understand as to why the 'status' is being sent to localhost rather than to the IP address of the RHEL instance? 

AEM 6.5

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Accepted Solutions (1)




It will always be localhost because AEM installed on the same VM. In other words, AEM is localhost to the RHEL server.


That said, If you want to access AEM outside of the RHEL server, you would need the RHEL server IP and the PORT AEM instance is running on.

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Answers (1)




@abn93 is a localhost address which is rendered by AEM every time you start your AEM instance.

If you replace with your system IP It will still work.

The purpose of using AEM on the RHEL 7 instance is to make availability/accessibility of the AEM server throughout the entire organization for authoring/publishing the AEM content.

So whenever you want to share AEM instance to any other end-user within a organization just use your RHEL IP address to make it accessible.