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caption for scene7


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Hi Team,

I tried adding caption to scene7 as 

 var s7videoviewer = new s7viewers.VideoViewer({
                        "containerId": 'id',
                        "params": {
                            "serverurl": serverURL,
                            "contenturl": contentURL+"/",
                            "config": configURL,
                            "posterimage": posterImage,
                            "videoserverurl": contentURL,
                            "asset": posterImage,
but I can see caption icon but captions are not showing up on clicking on enable caption icon,
how to get captions for scene7 dynamic videos, do we need to enhance vtt file path like we do for assetpath?
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Community Advisor

@Keerthi0555 You can refer the vtt file from DM Scene7 just like image or content file with URL like https://silabs.scene7.com/is/content/siliconlabssandbox/1

and apply this complete URL in caption and test it out.