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Brightcove Configs doesnt work when deployed through Jenkins


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Hello All - Recently we had to integrate Bright cove into our AEM instance and as per the documentation we followed all the steps and manually entered the configs under Bright cove service under config Manager, everything worked as expected. We then deleted the configs that we manually added under config Manager and instead checked in the config values into SVN and via Jenkins deployed them into the environment, though i see the configs getting added under Bright cove service, when i try to create a page based on the bright cove template the accounts drop down on the page properties doesn't pull the account name from the config that i just added. The only difference i see is when added manually the configs show up under /apps/system but through Jenkins i am adding them under /apps/config-{run-mode}. Could someone please suggest why this behavior.

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This is correct behavior when you save any configuration manually it gets stored under /apps/system folder. And when you have environment specific configuration checked in SVN it get saved under /apps/config-{run-mode}. When you manually go and update configuration you will notice that one copy gets created under /apps/system folder.

To answer for your question please make sure you have specific environment related config saved and committed in svn or else you can just have one copy under config.author folder for author all author environment.