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API to modify Tasks


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I'm creating an inbox replacement to deal with the massive number of asyncrollout messages we get.  Unfortunately the url the existing inbox uses,. /libs/granite/taskmanager/updatetask , looks like it's restricted to what can call it and throws a 403 Forbidden when called outside of the AEM inboxes.  Are there any APIs to modify the status of a task in the same way there are ones to modify a workflow?  Anything I can do to open up access to the taskmanager calls?

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Hi @ben_hp ,


Instead of directly accessing the /libs/granite/taskmanager/updatetask URL, you can use the TaskManager API provided by AEM.

Task task = taskManager.getTask(taskId);

    if (task != null) {
        // Update the task's state

        // Save the changes


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Does AEM provide an actual implementation of the TaskManager API out of the box?  All I can see is the interface.  Anyway our answer ended up being to just write a servlet to change a task's status.