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Can we set Dynamic Media Smart Crop for video as background video?


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Using <video> tag we can set a video as background. We are trying to set Dynamic Media Video as background video, as we want to track the point-of-interest in the video when we check the site in tablet or mobile view. Can anyone suggest how to get it as background video?


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Hi @sri9686 ,


AEM does not provide out-of-the-box support for setting Dynamic Media Smart Crop specifically for video backgrounds. Dynamic Media Smart Crop is primarily designed for images to automatically generate and deliver cropped versions based on predefined or custom-defined crop regions.

However, you can still achieve a similar effect by manually creating and using a pre-cropped video asset as a background video in AEM. Here's a general approach you can follow:

1. Pre-process the Video: Use video editing software or tools to crop and resize the video to the desired aspect ratio or dimensions suitable for the background.

2. Upload the Pre-Cropped Video: Upload the pre-cropped video as an asset in AEM.

3. Set Background Video: In your AEM page or component, use HTML or appropriate markup to set the pre-cropped video as the background video. You can leverage HTML5 video tags or CSS properties like background-video or object-fit to control the video display and behavior.

4. Responsive Design: Consider implementing responsive design techniques to ensure the video background adapts well to different screen sizes and orientations.


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I am not looking for smartcrop rather focus on point of interest when in responsive mode. Following below article
works when i have the video as a component on a page. But i need this video to be a background video. That i am not sure how to implement.