Announcing the Availability of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5


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Get a glimpse at the new capabilities and innovations within AEM 6.5 by visiting adobe.com.

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Release Notes: General Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager 6.5






We already have Adobe LiveCycle ES4, and now we are considering to implement a Business Orchestration Tool that will help to bring the Business People and Developers closer to each other. Am I in the right Forum Section?

We are considering Camunda, and I am not sure if there any overlap between Camunda and Adobe AEM related products. It makes sense to consider upgrading to new AEM Workflow Product if available. I am sure that there is some overlap between Camunda and Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Workflow Engine (Process Management), but I am not sure about AEM Workflow, if any.

Can you point us to the right department who can help with the following requirements:

- Can we have demo access to the solution to test it out?

- How the selected solution (AEM Workflow or related) can reduce the gap between the Business Team and Developers?

- Can the tool orchestrate the business processes?

- Does it integrate with other technologies vie Web Server, Rest APIs

- Does it connect with Databases

- Does it process the file system to read/write files

- Can it be used to host business logic, so that other system can use it to decide if the next action can be executed: Go/No Go

- How does it compare to Camunda? https://camunda.com/products/

- How must it will cost: fixed cost + recurring cost.

Appreciate your help.





When I try to download 6.5 from daycare center, I only see older versions up to 6.4 available there.

And when logging into LWS I only see version 6.2 available there so whazzup with that?