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AEP Web SDK: Edge Configuration | AEM Community Blog Seeding




AEP Web SDK: Edge Configuration by Pedro Monjo


AEP Web SDK: Edge Configuration

So you have finally decided to start a project with the AEP Web SDK and Adobe has provisioned it for you. There are now quite a few steps you need to take, so I will go one by one. While you could start in many places, I will start with the edge configuration.

The way it has been implemented is that you need to configure the “Unified Edge” box through Launch. You need to tell this box what other boxes it has to connect to, what buckets in these other boxes and what to return to alloy.js in the response. I would probably have allowed for some configuration to come from the call from alloy.js, but I am a consultant, not a developer. Well, I was a developer many moons ago, but that does not count now.

Edge Configurations
Once you are in Launch, you should see a dropdown at the top-left of your screen. Choose “Edge Configurations”.

You will then get a screen with all your existing Edge Configurations. I guess that, if you are reading this, you still have to create your first configuration, but it is important to know that you can create many. For example, if you have different websites, with different report suites or different AEP inlets, each one should have its own edge configuration.

Click on “New Edge Configuration”.

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AEP Web SDK: Edge Configuration


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