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Hi All,


I'm working on aem 6.3 to 6.5 in place upgrade activity. As part of this, I'm fixing the issues raised by pattern detector. I have found the below issue:




ACS Commons is referencing the node with mixinTypes: granite:FinalArea


Final (granite:FinalArea) - Defines a node as final. Nodes classified as final cannot be overlaid or inherited. Final nodes can be used directly via sling:resourceType . Subnodes under final node are considered internal by default


Can anyone help me to fix this? 




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Similar to my answer to your other question: you need to update your ACS Commons version to 4.x.x for AEM 6.5 🙂


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Try removing the older version of ACS AEM Commons that you were using it for AEM 6.3 and use instead use the latest one may be 4.8.2