AEM MSM - Retrieve Language Copy by API



Hi community,


I'm working with the MSM to define a site like this example:

  • /es/es/buy
  • /es/en/buy
  • /en/es/buy
  • /en/en/buy
  • /language-masters/es/buy
  • /language-masters/en/buy

When a user visit the page /es/es/buy, I would like to retrieve the path of the language copy (/es/en/buy/) for implement a custom language navigation and use it in the "alternate" meta for purposes of SEO.


Does it possible with the API Java? I've used the next apis and I did't find the way:


Also, I've detected If I change the name of a language copy, the reference in the touch-enabled UI is lost. The page doesn't appear like languague copy. So, what happen If I want a language copy with different name? How can I define a language copy with different name without lost the reference? I would like a site like the next:

  • /es/es/comprar
  • /es/en/buy
  • /en/es/comprar
  • /en/en/buy
  • /language-masters/es/comprar
  • /language-masters/en/buy



AEM 6.5 Language copy MSM

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