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AEM Configuration for muli site project (editable templates)


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Hello, I am working on a AEM project with multiple sites







The project started with the first siteA and now we are planning to migrate next siteB. For now we had one configuration `conf/project-name` with all editable templates and content fragment models. New sites will be quite similar to the siteA and I wonder what is the best practice for configuration management here? 


  1.  Should we create separate configuration for each site ?  
    1. /conf/siteB, conf/siteC - this will force us to copy all policies, templates and content fragment models, we will migrate at least 20+ sites with will be a lot of duplication
  2. Should we just add new templates to the existing conf
    1. only templates will be duplicated (most will be almost identical, with only difference in header and footer config, some will probably be changed a bit)
    2. With 20+ sites we will get around 100-150 templates in our conf, policies will also grow as I imagine new sites will require some customizations there

I could not find clear instructions on how to approach this in https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/administering/introduction/configurati... - if you see some more documentation on that matter please let me know as well.


Thanks for your help  

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Cool, thanks for the article. We were thinking about a solution similar to the one described here (but with templates dedicated to each brand to allow easy changes on brand level).


Is this also Adobe recommendation ?