AEM 6.5.3 Publish - HTML Library Manager - Minify not working for Apps clientlibrary



As per best practices


We placed a clientlibs in the apps folder. Assigned the allowProxy={Boolean}true

Assigned a category = "testClientLib"


Edited a custom component in apps and added in the widget.jsp "<ui:includeClientLib categories="testClientLib" />"


On publish the js/css is loaded, but not minified when we set the flag in the "HTML Library Manager"


We do have another older category in etc/clientlibs and this js file is being 'minified' when the flag is set and not 'minified' when the flag is not set ==> ie. this is working as expected


Answers (2)

Answers (2)




the clientlib it's available into the page? Or you get a 404?

Because it could be that your clientlib doesn't respect the YUI policy so you don't get the minified clientlibs.


Let us know.







I have seen this before where the minification is not working due to compilation errors. It might be due to the yui compiler for js. So, try using gcc for js


Also, For detailed analysis, follow the steps below:

- Setup a DEBUG logger on "com.adobe.granite.ui.clientlibs"

- Go to <host>:<port>/libs/granite/ui/content/dumplibs.rebuild.html

- Click on invalidate cache

- Now try to load the page where you are loading the custom clientlib and AEM should try to minify it.

- You should see details about why minification is failing in the DEBUG logger setup in the first step.