AEM 6.2 Hotfix | Salesforce - export users




I am trying Salesforce integration (following all possible tutorials on web) and I was able to successfully established connection, but exporting users workflow is not possible because ConfigurationManager is not binded for SalesforceExportProcess

Declarative Service Components

Component #1554 com.adobe.cq.mcm.salesforce.SalesforceConfiguration, state active

Component #1555 com.adobe.cq.mcm.salesforce.SalesforceExportProcess, state unsatisfied (reference)

Component #1557 com.adobe.cq.mcm.salesforce.SalesforceLeadSearch, state satisfied

Component #1556 com.adobe.cq.mcm.salesforce.internal.SalesforceConnectPostProcessor, state active

Component #1559 com.adobe.cq.mcm.salesforce.internal.SalesforceMappingServlet, state active

Component #1558 com.adobe.cq.mcm.salesforce.internal.SalesforceSecretServlet, state active

reference is missing:

Reference configurationManagerUnsatisfied
Service Name: com.day.cq.wcm.webservicesupport.ConfigurationManager
Cardinality: 1..1
Policy: static
Policy Option: reluctant
No Services bound

I got the information that this is the bug in AEM and the hotfix has also been released for that. I dropped an email to support team but not got the reply. Is there any location where I can get the hotfix?