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AEM 6.2 Bulk Editor Query Parameters


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I am trying to use AEM BulkEditor to export/import metadata for my assets.  When I search for assets, its returning all the subassets as well.  For example, I have pdf file called /content/dm/gmassets/samplefolder/searchTOLogicalflow.pdf that has 4 pages.  When I search in BulkEditor, results grid shows me 4 subassets, one for each page.  Is there a way to filter these out.  I tried several query parameters like mainasset:mainasset=true but nothing has worked.  

Can anyone suggest a way to remove these subassets from results?



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I am getting the same results. If you need that level of querying - i would look at using JCR SQL and perform queries like: 

"SELECT * FROM nt:unstructured WHERE jcr:path LIKE '"+path +"/%' AND NOT jcr:path LIKE '"+path +"/%/%'";

Using JCQ SQL/2 - you ahve much better control over what the result set is.