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Adobe Summit 2022, AEM Session | S310 - How to Create a Landing Page in Minutes, No Coding Needed



Adobe Developer Live October 2021

Session Details

In this session, learn the no-code approach to quickly create a landing page or microsite with Site Templates and other Quick Site Creation features in AEM. In today’s fast-paced digital world, getting your experiences up and running quickly is critical to driving success. Yet creating and launching a simple landing page or microsite can be a complex and lengthy process. You can now accelerate this process with the new Quick Site Creation feature. Start with a Site template, and create web experiences within minutes with just a few clicks. Join us to learn about:

1. No-code approach to quickly create a landing page or microsite based on a Site template

2. Flexible authoring capabilities with best practice components and templates

3. XD-driven theming workflows that can be used by any web agency, if necessary

Session Recording

Session Schedule

2022-03-16 | 12:30:00 PST | 30 Mins Duration


Gabriel Walt & Pauline Huynh


Adobe Resource(s)


Adobe Experience Manager

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Session Q&A

Question Answer
Is this AEMaaS only? Yes, this feature requires AEM as a Cloud Service because of how the themes get deployed to the CDN, and only in Cloud Service, the CDN is an integral part of the stack operated by Adobe.
Is there any documentation around editing a template or how to developing your own templates? https://github.com/adobe/aem-site-template-standard/
How do we modify the Site Templates? Can we build custom site templates? Site templates use the common content package format that is well known in AEM, so any content structure can be integrated into a site template. It however requires the key nodes to be named consistently so that they are renamed to the site name that is being created. The site creation wizard enforces that consistency (content packages not following that naming convention will fail in the site creation wizard, telling you what's wrong).
Is there any documentation around editing a template or how to developing your own templates? https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/sites/administering...
When will this become available? This is available already in AEM as a Cloud Service.
You can use the following site template for example to get started: https://github.com/adobe/aem-site-template-standard/
can you add the e-commerce into your landing pages ? e-commerce would require that you first deploy your commerce components via the full stack pipeline, before being able to use a site template that depends on these components. But past that point, site templates could be used that depend on these components.
Any consideration in terms of designing the custom site template? Anything that is a meaningful starting point for your sites would make it. A site template however can only use the components that are available on the instance, so either you are limited to the core components, or you first have to first deploy the additional components that the site template depends on.
where are the aem sites hosted? In AEM as a Cloud Service.
Cloud Service come with its own CDN.
AEM as Cloud Service includes a native CDN. If you need to use your own: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/conten...
integrations with Azure, or cloud environnement Your site templates can use any integrations and customizations that you might have on your instances. But that means that you'd create a custom site template that makes uses of these integrations or customizations.
where are the aem sites hosted? I've seen a lot of instant landing pages that are hosted on cloud front - I am wondering if they were made with aem
or directly trough server The site template really just boot-straps whatever content structure it contains. If you have customizations, they can be used, and you could create a custom site template that bootstraps a content structure that makes use of these customizations.
are these templates/pages WCAG compliant? Site Templates leverage the AEM Core Component Library. The Core Components designed for accessibility and are WCAG 2.1 compliant
Can this be used in On-Prem?? Quick site creation is available in AEM as a Cloud Service only
Are there best practices when working in a multi-tenant implementation? Each site is clearly separated from the rest and from each other with its own /conf structure. Also the frontend pipeline will only trigger one site. This all should make it really safe to use in multi-tenant use-cases.
hope the result is responsive Yes, responsiveness can be built into the site templates


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