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Adobe Summit 2022, AEM Session | S307 - New 2022 Features in Adobe Cloud Manager for DevOps



Adobe Developer Live October 2021

Session Details

Get ready for the new Adobe Cloud Manager in 2022. Learn new features and updates on cloud service performance and environment management systems in AEM Get a recap on many of the recent new features, an update on behind-the-scenes developments, and a look forward into the rest of 2022. The content applies to both Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service and Experience Manager Managed Services, with a focus on Cloud Service. It’s suitable for technical and nontechnical attendees alike. Prior exposure to Cloud Manager can help for context, but it isn’t necessary.
In this session:

1.New pipeline types and capabilities

2.New environment management options

3.Performance and stability updates 4.Best practices on how to get the most out of Cloud Manager

Session Recording

Session Schedule

2022-03-15 | 14:00:00 PST | 30 Mins Duration


Justin Edelson


Adobe Resource(s)


Adobe Experience Manager

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Session Q&A

Question Answer
how do we see the logs of the project builds See: https://www.opsinventor.com/tailing-and-viewing-adobe-cloud-manager-build-logs/
how do we see the logs of the project builds Build logs are available download links in the Cloud Manager UI, or thorugh the Cloud Manager API and can be accessed through the Adobe IO CLI plugin
Hi ! Do you planed to have separate permissions between dev pipelines and prod pipelines ? This is on the roadmap for this year
how do we see the logs of the project builds ​You can pipe the logs out with AIO, piping into Splunk is more of a chore and correlating builds and mutiline logs is a bit more interesting. But see https://www.opsinventor.com/tailing-and-viewing-adobe-cloud-manager-build-logs/ 
how do we see the logs of the project builds The build logs are not forwarded to splunk at this time
How to customize performance tests in Full stack pipeline? we would like to makes sure some specific pages always get tested before pipeline installs the artifact into Production environment? Performance tests can be done by customers by using the approval step, or using a web hook to run these tests on their own during waiting for approval step.
when would the front end pipeline option be release? This has been GA since December
Hi! Any plans on allowing for at least one custom log, besides error, access and request? I think this is more of a AEM as a Cloud Service question than specific to Cloud Manager, but the answer is that custom logs are a potential future feature. 
Is the git commit reuse feature also available for adobe manage service customers using the adobe repo? Yes, it is available for both Cloud Service and Managed Service customers.
In my organization, we don't use the publisher. Currently it is not possible to skip performance test. Is it planed to be skippable ? As long as the publisher is present (Sites use case), perf test cannot be skipped. You can configure a dummy page. Not strictly skippable
Hi! Any plans on allowing for at least one custom log, besides error, access and request? I'd like not to clog the error log file when debugging an issue, and have a specific, temporary log file where I find my log debug messages.
How do I opt out of "Build output Reuse"? A change would be necessary to indicate that a new build is required. This indicates that something changed in Git. Otherrwise since the previous commit and the desired build have no changes - there's no reason to rebuild the artifacts.
how do we see the logs of the project builds Here are a couple of links, one which shows buttons where one can download build logs, and another for download runtime logs (dispatcher, AEM, etc) - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/using-... and https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/using-...
Is it possible to only deploy a specific sub-module? like in your example, how to deploy project A artifact using Cloud manager full stack pipeline? No, that is not possible as it requires the entire project to be built to ensure stability


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