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Adobe Experience Manager: Enable Gated Content in AEM by Stories by Albin Issac on Medium


Gated content is any content that is hidden behind a lead capture form or authentication. To access the content, a user must provide personal information, usually in the form of an email address, phone number, job title, etc, or registering by providing the required basic information and authenticating to the system. Gates are highly valuable to marketers because they are powerful tools for lead generation.
In this tutorial let us see how to enable a gated content in AEM
I am going to explain two different approaches to enable the gated content in AEM — Closed User Group(CUG) and content behind a lead form.

Closed User Group(CUG)
Closed User Groups (CUGs) is a feature used to restrict access to content to a select group of users on a published site. When you assign CUG to a page, that page requires a login and only CUG admitted users are allowed to access that page. Both Closed User Groups (CUG) and Access Control Lists (ACL) are used to control access to content in AEM and based on AEM Security users and groups.
By enabling the CUG with the required ACL for specific content or asset, the access to the content/assets can be restricted only for the registered/authenticated users with required permissions.
Let us now enable the CUG.

As a first step create a user group e.g wknd-magazine-readers and enable the read permission for the required content hierarchies. Create a sample user and add to wknd-magazine-readers

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Adobe Experience Manager: Enable Gated Content in AEM


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we want to add a list component item to the home page. Users who are members of a specific Closed User Group should see it(component). Users who are not part of the CUG should not.Is it possible?