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Adding new option to Relate List


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Hello all, I am attempting to add a new option to the Relate List in AEM. I successfully was able to add the two options needed to the dropdown. But when I go to relate them, nothing appears on the right hand side, showing the Related list. Screenshots of examples below. Does anyone know if this is possible to extend, would love any support here! Thanks. 


As you can see below I added two options to the relate dropdown but when I go to add them. The relation does not take effect and does not display in the Related list/references section.





Ideally the image's should be added to this list above.


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I guess you need to override the OOTB JS to make it work!


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Do you have any idea where this JS sits in CRX? Cannot seem to locate that


I located both the relation.js and relateassets.js but it seems like the logic is not really taking place in there to build the related lists

Sadly I have not found a way yet, still trying to figure this one out. Could use the assistance if possible  

I did, around 3 months ago.. support and engineering has tried to figure it out as well but no one seems to know lol