Youtube Embeds in HTML Articles are low rez



I am using HTML articles with youtube embeds. Overall, the videos work, but they are fixed on the default low def versions. As some of these are set to play full width in my App, they don't look as sharp at all. The original videos are full HD.
• I have included the high rez parameters with the embed link in the HTML, and it plays in HD when I preview articles in the browser.

• Ipad Youtube app is set to play to the highest rez available, but embeds still load/play at low rez.

I need the actual embed to play high rez by default. The Ipad seems to be ignoring any HD instructions.

Any Suggestions?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Some extra details from Adobe Support:

I have tested this several ways including directly in the desktop browser and it always loads the video with the "Auto" setting for quality. I'm not sure how that is selected by the youtube service (depending on browser/device or whatever parameters) but it always brings up maximum resolution on desktop and 360p on mobile no matter what I tried.

So this is not really related to AEM Mobile but to how youtube feeds the video. Unless the video is already at the desired resolution, the viewer will just display whatever it is fed.

I'll ask around for a workaround but I do not have high hopes I'm afraid.

Solution: Use Vimeo iframe embeds instead of YouTube. They display the correct resolution without any extra parameters. Took a little extra work to get them uploaded, but it was definitely worth it.

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