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Hello all,

Im adding multiple mp3 files to a dingle document for digital publishing. Currently, when I export them and upload them to Digital Publishing Soluion, there is no way to play any of the mp3s by tepping on them.

So far, I understand I can create a bunch of buttons for play pause, but that would take forever and Im wondering if there is an easier way to play and pause mp3 files in a way similar to the way videos are played and paused.


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OK, it sounds to me like you're doing the right things. And then I tried to replicate what you describe.

I hit the same problem. Audio isn't working the way it has in the past -- I suspect we have a bug of some kind.

I added an mp3, tried simple tap to play (should work this way) -- didn't work.

Added auto play, and got some weird interaction when I swiped to the next article, I think.

Added a button to play the audio, no luck, until I started swiping.

I'll let the PMs know.

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Hey Tommy -- go for it. Don't worry about this problem.

Here's what I've uncovered...

I was able to reproduce the problem on my iPad AIR 2, engineering was not able to reproduce the problem, until they found an iPad AIR 2.

After isolating this issue to the device, we did one final check.

The iPad AIR 2 does NOT have a hardware mute switch. It has a mute button in the Control Center.

I had mute turned on in the Control Center.

This means iTunes will still output audio, and audio plays in movie files and streamed audio resources. But DPS 2015 honors the mute setting -- and that's why I couldn't hear the mp3s I was testing.

Once unmuted, I have no problem with placed audio files in DPS 2015 articles.

So the most important question is: Christien, are you using an iPad AIR 2 and do you have the audio mute activated?

Please let me know.



Hi Colin,

I am using Digital Publishing Solution to publish onto an iPad mini, an iPad 2, and an multiple android devices. It was working on android devices fine but not the iPads.

I found that un-muting the iPads' ringtone allowed the mp3 files to play! That was my problem!

Thank you for the help! I appreciate it!



Hey Colin, I've been pondering on starting a project w/ a library of MP3s that would be all iOS phone-based. Should I get into it to see if I reproduce the same problems, or do you not want to get bombarded with the potential issues?



Hey Christien;

We're looking into this, and I need a little info from you as we try to isolate the problem.

What device are you using?

OS version too if you like, but the device is the most important detail at the moment.

Thanks -- Colin



I followed this tutorial exactly yet my exported article file does not play my mp3 files on tap. I was able to get an mp3 to play when the article is opened, but not on demand.

I drag the mp3 file onto the document and place it.

I set the poster to standard.

I export the article as a DPS article.

Am I missing something?




Did you place the MP3 file into the InDesign document? If so, then you shouldn't have to take any other action. The exported article file should allow users to tap the icon to play the sound clip. You can create additional Play, Pause, and Stop buttons, but it isn't necessary. See this article for details: Digital Publishing Suite Help | Audio overlays