Edge animation unresponsive in DPS



Hey there, I’ve been having trouble getting an animation to show up/upload in DPS

I created this in edge animate, export settings for the OAM file are:


No poster image

I dropped the OAM file into Indesign, and exported it as an article with the following overlay settings:

Autoplay (.125 delay)

Transparent Background

Allow User Interaction

When I view it on the device, I get a black screen with no interactivity.

I tried inserting the HTML file as web content with the same settings, which led to this message while uploading to DPS:

Upload Failed

The content was not uploaded.

The article contains an empty file or image. Please remove the empty file and retry. [IN032]

Select upload to try again.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any known remedies or workarounds?

I’ve been stumped by this all week, and can’t seem to find any solutions online.

The versions used were:

Edge Animate CC2015/2014

Indesign CC2015

DPS 2015

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I found the problem! It was a series of tiny files that edge animate spews out occasionally throughout the folder which interfered with the article file uploading to DPS. I have no idea why they are created, but deleting them seems to solve the problem.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 3.57.10 PM.png

Any idea what these things are?

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Answers (2)



Hi Bob, thanks for the response.

I’ve tried the solution you’ve outlined, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in 2015.

I failed to mention previously that this animation I’m working on is interactive, would that have any bearing on the workaround you’ve mentioned? I assume I would simply check “allow interactivity” but I tried it both ways with no luck.

I’ve had similar issues on a separate, non-interactive animation as well.