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ENHANCEMENT REQUEST - Cloud Manager AEM AMS Non Prod pipeline with dispatcher flush capabilities



Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) Summary:

Hi Adobe team,

Opening up an enhancement request to have the capabilities of flushing dispatcher cache for non-prod pipelines, similar to the production pipelines. This will greatly help us automate our build process.

Use-case: Flushing dispatcher cache with client libs and content after some dev and qa builds
Current/Experienced Behavior: Non prod pipeline does not have the capability to flush dispatcher cache like the prod pipeline
Improved/Expected Behavior: Non prod pipeline have the capability to flush dispatcher cache, just like the prod pipeline (with the same UI options ideally)
Environment Details (AEM version/service pack, any other specifics if applicable): Cloud Manager with AMS AEM
Customer-name/Organization name: TD / Accenture
Screenshot (if applicable):  
Code package (if applicable):  


Employee Advisor


Hi @Jack-Jin-TD-Accenture 

Thanks for proposing the idea. I see the same has already been raised to Adobe product team via an internal request CMGR-7899 and the team have acknowledged the feature enhancement. This post will be updated according to the Jira request status.

Status changed to: Accepted