Unable to add second row to a table in internet explorer 11(IE11)





We are adding multiple rows into a table using instance manager which working in all the browsers except in IE11. For each panel section we have enabled lazy loading. If we run the same code at fragment level its working fine in IE browser but when it comes to main page we are unable to add rows. We have observed that if we disable lazy loading then we are able to add the second row for table in main page. Since we have many panels and service calls we cannot disable lazy loading. Please let us know how to resolve this.

Please find the below code snippet:
var count = guideBridge.resolveNode("pest-table").Row1.instanceManager.instanceCount -1;
var tableRowInstance=guideBridge.resolveNode("pest-table").Row1.instanceManager.instances[count];
guideBridge.resolveNode("pest-table").Row1.instanceManager.instances[count].sPestMissedName.value = "pest1";





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