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Relative Path for HTML5/Mobile form Submit URL


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We have a lot of XDPs in AEM 6.5 OSGI which are to be rendered as HTML5

All forms submit to the same jsp which generates a PDF and streams it back.


Since we want to centrally control the submitURL for all forms, and not define it for each individually, we created a submitURL property on our custom render profile node, and then we altered the config.jsp of our custom render profile to read this submitURL property. All works fine.


However it still requires the URL to be an absolute path with hostname and port etc..such as 



this would pose a problem, if we were to expose the forms to public, since our AEM server will not be directly available from outside the firewall.

We need some way to define this as a relative path, so that instead of looking for AEM Publish directly, it goes back through : Firewall >> Dispatcher >> Publish

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I have something similar set up. The form calls REST endpoint on my server which is behind the dispatcher. AEM server is not exposed to the public



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Yes i believe that's the sample i followed for my implementation as well, trying to understand how/where this endpoint is defined.

I'm wondering if i should simply override the value of submitServiceProxy in my custom render profile, and then not define submitURL at all.


//config to specify endpoint for submission.You can add as many parameters as you want
"submitServiceProxy" : "\/content\/xfaforms\/profiles\/default.submit.html",
"logServiceProxy": "\/content\/xfaforms\/profiles\/default.log.html",
"submitUrl" : ""




i just realized that i can enter submit URL as http://localhost:port/blah,  and it wont matter to outside users since all submissions go to default.submit.html on the publish server, once the submission reaches there, it has no issues resolving to my localhost submission handler