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offiical network requirements for adobe experience manager 6.4.x


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Hello I hope I am in the right place.


Can anyone provide the official network requirements for AEM 6.4.x? I am working with a group that manages local and on prem server access. A small group of users are having connectivity issues accessing the on prem. server.  If it is possible I would like to review the recommended network requirements for the AEM software for client/server. So far, I have only been able to find the system requirements for installation which doesn't include network requirements, ports and protocols.  The group I am working doesn't have any documentation on network requirements so I am reaching out to see if someone may be able to assist.   

Thank you.

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@cgoodw I don't think there will be network requirement doc as such since the on-prem infra is more under the organization's control and their respective network policy and configuration comes into play.


When you say "connectivity issues accessing the on-prem. server", is it via dispatcher/LB or directly accessing author or publish? 


If it's via dispatcher then make sure the rules and filter are set correctly. If it's directly author or publish make sure the host is accessible outside the server machine.



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Thank you so much for the response Mayank. If the users were on-prem this would be easier but they are distributed across the country so most of them are on the corporate VPN.  From what I understand the users have the AEM workbench locally installed on their system and directly connect to the on-prem server to work on their forms/workflows/etc. (I am not sure if this answers your question.) I am not the Administrator of the software or the server so I can check back with them to get those answers. 


I was just hoping there were some documented minimum network requirements so I can determine that we are able to provide the minimum support for access to their server.  Most of the folks are working but, there are a few of folks that are not. Again, thanks for your response.